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XML Data Extractor Software loads internet or local Source files and displays their elements (tags). Clicking an Element copies the content (text) of the element to the clipboard allowing it to be easily pasted to any location using right click. It can also load Display files into a frame allowing the 2 documents to be utilized in the single window, ie copy the Element content from the Source file and paste it to the Display file.

The Source file can be any file using an XML type structure, including XML or HTML (web pages) files. It was originally developed to assist the submission of software Pad files to Software Download sites but can be used for any XML structured data extraction process.

The software runs in the Internet Explorer browser on your local computer.

Key Features
Instructions for Use

When the software is run a Control Menu is located at the top of the window. The XML Data Extractor Software control displays the software start input interface (start here), the Help control provides full instructions, the Registration control displays the current Registration Status and the softSWOT.com control opens the software developer web site. The message line below the controls provides quick instructions.

  1. From the top left of the Control Menu click the XML Data Extractor Software control.
  2. Input a Url (full url including http:// is required) or Browse to select a local File and Add as Source or Add as Display. This will save the file as a Source file or a Display file and a file link will be displayed. When a Source file is added Element links are created for each identified element (tag) in the file. When a Display file is added it is loaded into the frame.
  3. To load saved Source or Display files click their link. To delete saved Source or Display files double click their link.
  4. Click an Element link to copy its Content. If the Content is a url/file you can double click to load the url/file into the Display.
  5. Right click to Paste. If pasting to a site that does not allow the use of frames open a new window and for the Display file and adjust the window sizes so both the software and new window are displayed.

The default Display is the Help file.

Instructions for Use with Pad Files for submission to Software Download sites.

Pad files are XML files used by software developers and software download sites in a standard data format developed by the Association of Software Professionals. The Association of Software Professionals also maintain a database of Software Download Sites. This section is targeted at software developers using pad files.

Pad Files and Download Sites

If you have multiple software titles set the pad file for each as a Source file and the download site urls as Display files (these can be hard coded see the Advanced section for details) and simply click the Pad file Element or double click the Pad File link to copy and then paste into the Display.

A preferred method is to build your own XML file containing the download site details including submission url, user and password details (if required), save this to the same directory as the software and set it as a Source file.

From the extracted Elements you can click top copy the content or double click to use the content as the Display value ie using the example file above double click upload to display http://upload.cnet.com and click user to copy the user content and then right click to paste, do the same for the pw to login to your upload account. Then click your Pad file Source link to copy your pad file elements. If the download site only requires your Pad file url double click the Pad file Source link to copy your pad file url. Using this method your XML file becomes a record of sites/passwords etc and you do not need to add Display files as they are obtained from your XML Source file.

If the download site does not function in frames then open it in a new window and tile the software window and the download site window so you can work between the two.

Set Source and Display Files

Added Source and Display files are saved as cookies. You can also hard code files into the software.

  1. Open the software file in a text editor.
  2. For Source files edit the sourcesSet=new Array(); by adding the required files enclosed between ""'s in the ()'s. Each file should be separated by a , . For a local file in the same directory as the software only the file name is required. Example var sourcesSet=new Array("http://www.softswot.com/padinfo/paddej.xml","site.xml");
  3. For Display files edit the displaysSet=new Array(); by adding the required files enclosed between ""'s in the ()'s. Each file should be separated by a , . For a local file in the same directory as the software only the file name is required. Example var displaysSet=new Array("http://www.softswot.com/","site.xml");
  4. Save the software file from the text editor.

Hard Coded files are displayed as links in the software and cannot be deleted. Double clicking a hard coded Source link copies the link to the clip board.

Set Elements

By default the software lists all Elements in a source file that have Content (text). You can limit the Elements listed.

  1. Open the software file in a text editor.
  2. Edit the elementsSet=new Array(); by adding the required Elements (tag names) enclosed between ""'s in the ()'s. Each Element should be separated by a , . Example var sourcesSet=new Array("Company_WebSite_URL","General_Email");
  3. Save the software file from the text editor.

Only links for Elements that are hard coded will now be displayed. If a Source file does not have any of the hard code elements no Element links are displayed.

Personalized XML Files

You can build your own XML files to hold any data you like and then use them in the Extractor to easily access/copy their content. Uses include password files with site/user/password content or any commonly required data for example personal Details:

To build you own XML file simply open your text editor and create a file with a similar format to the example. You can add or modify elements as required. For information on XML uses and structures see the Introduction to XML.

Requirements for Use

The software runs directly in your browser. A current version of Internet Explorer is required with JavaScript and Active Content enabled.


Download the software Compressed Zip file (.zip) file and save it to your local system. Open the zip file (.zip) and save the content files to a known location and then open the software file. The software opens directly in your browser, follow the Instructions for Use.

This software does not access or alter your system or system files in any way. To uninstall you can simply delete the saved files.

Conditions of Use

The specific suitability of this software must be independently assessed. Software is provided as is, use is entirely at the users risk, and use acknowledges that the developers and all associated parties are held harmless from any claims or losses relating to software provided.

Software Support and Contact Details

For items not addressed here please visit softSWOT.com where you can access our Question and Answer Items. In our Question and Answer Items we post responses to a range of topics related to this software. It provides a growing knowledge base and allows you to benefit from the experience of others, if you have read all of the Help file and still have a question this is a good place to start. If after completely reading and following the Help file, and reviewing our Question and Answer Items your question is unanswered please Contact Us.

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Full contact details are provided at Contact Us.

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