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SiteMap XML Software Box Shot SiteMap XML is a php based sitemap generator. At Try SiteMap XML you can run it on our server for free to create a Static site map for your web site. Once you Register SiteMap XML it can also be used to build Dynamic site maps that will always reflect the status of your site and can be directly called.

It is designed for ease of use, with the ability to define the desired SiteMap Type (XML, RSS, HTML or Text), content and settings. SiteMap XML is best suited to medium size sites of up to 5000 pages.

Google is currently using XML site maps to assist the indexing process. Google provide full details at About Google Sitemaps. Yahoo and other search engines are also using site maps to assist and improve site indexing. SiteMap XML can generate site maps suitable for search engine indexing as well as a HTML site map that is human readable and also capable of being read and indexed by search engines.

You can use our online SiteMap XML version at Try SiteMap XML to generate a site map for your web site.

If your server supports php you can also Download SiteMap XML and run SiteMap XML directly on your server. When running on your server you can set the default variables and create real time dynamic site maps.

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