Example Site Maps generated by SiteMap XML Software

The following are SiteMaps generated by SiteMap XML Software. These site maps are used by Google, Yahoo and other search engines to improve site indexing. Each site map is for the www.softswot.com site and has the same basic settings but displayed as different site map types. All example site maps are Static SiteMaps but SiteMap XML Software can also be used to create Dynamic SiteMaps. When viewing these site maps in a browser some of the encoding may be hidden, to see the full structure and encoding use the view source function of the browser.

Google SiteMap

Google SiteMap
Suitable for submission to Google SiteMaps. This Static SiteMap does not change and reflects the structure of the site at the time the Static SiteMap was generated. It includes the Last Modified Date at the time the Static SiteMap was generated. If this site map was Dynamic a new site map would be generated every time the site map url was called and it would always reflect the current structure of the site and include the current Last Modified Date.

RSS SiteMap

RSS SiteMap
Suitable for submission to Yahoo.

HTML SiteMap

HTML SiteMap - Content Only
Suitable for use as a human and search engine readable site map. This HTML SiteMap is set as content only (not Full HTML) and is included within an existing web page to provide standard site layout and style.

HTML SiteMap - Full HTML
Suitable for use as a human and search engine readable site map. This HTML SiteMap is set as Full HTML and is a valid stand alone web page.

Text SiteMap

Text SiteMap
Suitable as an alternative site map for some search engines.

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