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For this software to function correctly your system should include a 5th Generation browser with JavaScript enabled. Mozilla Firefox from version 1.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.5 (Windows 98) are recommended. Netscape Navigator from version 7.0 is also supported.

If this message remains then your current browser does not appear to meet these requirements. This may be due to your browser blocking or disabling JavaScript or restricting Active Content. If this is the case please follow your browser help instructions to unblock/enable JavaScript or Allow Blocked Content. If required you can download current version browsers free of charge from:

Once you have current browser software with JavaScript enabled you will be able to access all software functions.

Input Variables?

Select the required SiteMap Type, input a url for the Start URL's value, set any other variables desired (it is recommended you start with the default settings) and click one of the Generate buttons. It is usually best to start with Generate Static SiteMap to ensure the generated SiteMap meets your requirements. While running on our server the following limitations are set; the maximum Depth is 1, maximum Limit is 100, and the minimum Delay is 0.1. For full flexibility Download SiteMap XML Software and run it on your server.

SiteMap Type?
 Google SiteMap?     RSS SiteMap?     HTML SiteMap?     Text SiteMap?     Sitemaps Protocol?
SiteMap URLs?
Start URLs?
Include URLs with?
Exclude URLs with?
SiteMap Formatting?
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For URLs with?
Set Priority as?
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Generated Output?

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