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For this software to function correctly your system should include a 5th Generation browser with JavaScript enabled. Mozilla Firefox from version 1.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.5 (Windows 98) are recommended. Netscape Navigator from version 7.0 is also supported.

If this message remains then your current browser does not appear to meet these requirements. This may be due to your browser blocking or disabling JavaScript or restricting Active Content. If this is the case please follow your browser help instructions to unblock/enable JavaScript or Allow Blocked Content. If required you can download current version browsers free of charge from:

Once you have current browser software with JavaScript enabled you will be able to access all software functions.

Input Variables

Site Password

Use Password?
This is the password for editing your site and is the only required variable. The default values can be used for all other variables.

For a Quick Site? you can ? now or tailor your site using the folowing variables.

Use Cookies?       Cookie Days?       Use GET?       Use Sessions?

Site Template

Color 1?       Color 2?       Color 3?       Color 4?

Logo Image Url?

Logo Link Url?

Logo Alternative Text?

Area HTML?

Footer HTML?

Display Print?       Display XHTML?       Display CSS?       Display RSS Feed?       Display Sign In?

Item Sort By?       Item Reverse Order?

Item Default?       Hour Offset?

RSS Title?       RSS Item Characters?       RSS Item Per Channel?


Item Menu Layout?

Item Menu Pre Html?

Item Menu First Files?

Item Menu First Titles?

Item Menu Last Files?

Item Menu Last Titles?

Item Menu Post Html?

Item Menu Excluded Items?

Page Menu?       Items Per Page?       Pages Per Group?

Once variables have been set ?

Output Code

Generated Output Code?

?  ?
Select and copy the output site code code in the text area to a text editor (ie notepad) and save as a file with a .php extension ie index.php. Then upload the saved file, the CSS Style Sheet file (style.css), and the javascript script file (sbsp.js) to a directory on your server. The permissions of this directory should be temporarily set to provide public write permission (rwx r-x rwx or 0757) so when the site code is initially run on your server it can create a directory for the site xml files (your site content). Then open the site code page (ie in your browser and the xml directory will be created by the site code, you can then return directory permissions to the original settings, Sign In and add New Items to your site.