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softSWOT Download MailMailer Software
Compressed Zip file - 8 kb


softSWOT Download MailMailer Software
Self-Extracting SetUp file - mmp.exe 76 kb

By downloading you acknowledge Conditions of Use acceptance. For this software to function your system must meet the Requirements for Use.

To download software click the required download link and save the downloaded file to your computer. If software is downloaded as a Self-Extracting SetUp file (.exe) when you run the .exe file it will extract and install the software files. If software is downloaded as a Compressed Zip file (.zip) it must be unzipped before you can save the software files. Trial Zip software is available free from Winzip or a simple freeware zip utility is available from JustZIPit.

Conditions of Use

The specific suitability of this software must be independently assessed. Software is provided as is, use is entirely at the users risk, and use acknowledges that softSWOT and all associated parties are held harmless from any claims or losses relating to software provided.

Requirements for Use

The software code runs on your web server. To run this code your server must support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php. For information on php and how to check if it is available on your server go to What is php?

What if my server does not support php?

IX Web Hosting If you do not currently have a hosting company that supports php we use and recommend IX Web Hosting. IX Web Hosting provide a range of reliable and economical hosting packages, all with php support.

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