GoldMine Automated Processes

The GoldMine WebImport email generated by Form1 Builder GoldMine contains the contact data and instructions in three major sections. The following information outlines how your form data is handled by the Form1 GoldMine processing script and by the GoldMine Database when the email is received. The information presented here is based on details provided in the GoldMine Help under Automated Processes. For additional detail on how GoldMine processes WebImport data please refer to the GoldMine Help.


This section is identified in the GoldMine WebImport email by the text [Instructions]. Instructions can be included as hidden form fields at the top of your form (before any data fields).

Instruction fields define the import instructions allowing duplicate checking, sending e-mail messages to GoldMine users, attaching Automated Processes, setting a WebImport password (required since version GoldMine 6.7), and running external applications to further process the incoming contact data.

You can check for duplicate records based on an email address by including an instruction field:

<input type="hidden" name="DupCheck" value="email">

which appears as DupCheck=email in the WebImport Email.

Or check for duplicate records based on contact name by including an instruction field:

<input type="hidden" name="DupCheck1" value="contact">

which appears as DupCheck1=Contact in the WebImport Email.

For GoldMine versions from 6.7 WebImport requires a Password. This password must be set in your GoldMine WebImport Profile and in the WebImport Form by including an instruction field:

<input type="hidden" name="Password" value="mypassword">

which appears as Password=mypassword in the WebImport Email.

You can attach Automated Processes to the contact to initiate an automated response. Letters, faxes, e-mail, and other activities can be initiated to completely automate responding to the captured leads.

<input type="hidden" name="OnNewAttachTrack" value="Required Track">

which appears as OnNewAttachTrack=Required Track in the WebImport Email.

To identify the end of the instruction fields in your form you need to include a marker hidden field with the name DataStart after your instruction fields. No value is required for the DataStart field.

<input type="hidden" name="DataStart">


This section is identified in the GoldMine WebImport email by the text [Data]. Data fields include the contact data that will be imported into GoldMine. The field name in the form corresponds to the field name in GoldMine. The contact values are the input provided by your form users and can also include any hidden fields you wish to set in the form.


This section is identified in the GoldMine WebImport email by the text [ContSupp]. ContSupp fields can be setup in your GoldMine database to include additional records. To use ContSupp simply include them in your form as fields with the required ContSupp name. ContSupp fields must have a prefix of cs#_, and must appear consecutively. For example, the fields of the first ContSupp record would have the prefix cs1_, while the fields of a second record would have a prefix of cs2_. You can add a maximum of nine ContSupp records.

For additional detail on WebImport refer to your GoldMine support and help to ensure you have the correct information for your GoldMine version. You can also refer to the WebImporting section of the GoldMine Administrator Guide.pdf which starts at page 118.

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