Form1 Test Form

This is a base test form generated by Form1 Builder Software from softSWOT. Input your name and email address then click submit. The form will be processed and a copy sent to the email address you provide. The email will include form, cookie and user data. You will also receive an auto response message by email to demonstrate the Auto Responder feature.

The Email field is set as Required, if you submit without an email address the standard Required prompt will be displayed, if you submit with an email address that does not appear to be valid the standard Check Email prompt will be displayed. Only a basic form structure and standard prompts are applied in this test form however an extensive range of options are available and any valid form structure can be applied.

The form is fully self contained. You do not need to worry about additional cgi scripts or exposing your email address to spam email harvesters. It also includes protection against Form Hijacking and Form Spam Injection.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Email Copy - Select to receive a copy of the submitted form.

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