Form1 Test Math Form

This is a simple Math Test Form generated by Form1 Builder Software from softSWOT. It demonstrates the use of the Mathematical Functions feature available in Form1 form processing. Input your name, email address and a number for each Number field. Using the Mathematical Functions feature the First Number will be added to the Second Number and the Third Number subtracted to provide a answer which is displayed as the Total (First + Second - Third = Total). When you click Submit Form the form will be processed and the input values, Total calculation and a Message will be displayed. Send Form will then send a copy of the form submission and calculation to the email address you provide. The email will include form input, hidden form fields (Message), the form calculation (Total), cookie and user data.

The Email Address field is set as Required, if you submit without an email address the standard Required prompt will be displayed, if you submit with an email address that does not appear to be valid the standard Check Email prompt will be displayed. Only a basic form structure, simple math function and standard prompts are applied in this test form however an extensive range of options including defining any calculation required using plus, minus, divide or multiply operators (= - / *) can be applied.

Email Address
First Number
plus Second Number
minus Third Number

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